Man Bags $10000 A Week For Life Lottery Prize

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One moment Miguel Mendoza was broke, then suddenly he’s awash with money. That’s how quickly an instant ticket win can change your life.

Mendoza who lives in a blue mobile home, invests anywhere from $5 to $20 hoping for a chance to improve his financial standing. The day he finally hit a big lottery jackpot, he had gone to the Smart Dollar store to buy tortillas and a ticket. But the clerk there handed him a $20 ticket different from the one he wanted, so he ended up buying two. The one he chose won $25 for a gain of $5. The ticket for the Florida Lottery’s $10,000 a Week For Life game, which was handed to him by mistake, hit the jackpot.

The lucky 24-year old says he may continue doing roofing work. He has decided to take a one-time payment of $8.45 million in lieu of an annuity and  plans to have a house built for his mother. He still hasn’t decided what to do with the rest of the money.

The Smart Dollar earned a $20,000 bonus for selling the first jackpot winner of the $10,000 a Week For Life game.


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