Man Buys Lucky Ticket From Store Where He Works

September 21st, 2015   ·   Read 2 Comments...

The Country Corner Foodmart on N.C. 150 East in Lincolnton is thrilled to have sold a million dollar winning ticket.  What makes it more special is that the winner is one of its own employees.

Tyrone Heller bought the lucky $30 Ultimate Millions instant ticket in early September, and scratched it only when he got home.  He was surprised at the ‘1 Mil’ prize amount he uncovered.

The lucky man wants to buy a house, set aside an amount for his daughter’s education.  He has no plans of retiring.


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  • cc

    He probably watched customers constantly buy from the stack… I think it is an unfair advantage for employees to purchase from the store they work at. It is no different than family members being disqualified for drawings.

    • Lottery Blog

      But tickets are randomly placed so you can’t really gain any advantage by watching others buy. Tickets sellers do get scrutinized more than most too.

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