Man Changes Routine And Buys Lucky Lotto Ticket

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While it’s good to follow a routine, sometimes a small variation is all that’s needed for good things to happen. That’s something Joseph Corsello learned from experience.

Corsello was used to waking up early, waking his wife and then stopping by the Hopewell Premium Gas station for coffee and three lottery tickets on his way to work. He would then scratch off the tickets before going in to work. But something made him buy four tickets on Oct.12.

He was checking the fourth ticket when the word ‘jackpot’ was revealed which caused him to shake in excitement. While he’s used to winning the odd $20 or so, he’s never won a jackpot before, and this one was for a cool million. He immediately called up his wife to share the good news.

The lucky man does not want to retire just yet, though he now can. They have since bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee and are planning vacations in Florida and Jersey Shore.


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