Man Who Doesn’t Need Money Wins Powerball Jackpot

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There are many of us who keep playing the lottery, dreaming of the big win that may be in the next lottery ticket, and thinking of how we would enjoy our winnings.  And then there is a man who has taken a vow of poverty who suddenly finds himself a big Powerball winner.

Roy Cockrum, has followed a religious calling that has seen him become a member of The Society of Saint John the Evangelist, an Episcopal religious community in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which required him to take a vow of poverty.  That vow of poverty did not prevent him from buying a Powerball lottery ticket whichwon a $259.9 million jackpot, the biggest in the history of the Tennessee Lottery. Cockburn later opted to receive the prize in a single $115 million payment.

As he was involved with theatrical arts, he says he will make sure every cent of his winnings is used to start a foundation in support of the performing arts organizations nationwide, and for other worthy causes.

It’s a very good story and it seems that the prize will be used to help a lot of people.  Still it’s  puzzling is why a man sworn to a life of poverty would even think of buying a lottery ticket.

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