Man Finds $1 Million Winning Lottery Ticket Just In Time

January 18th, 2017   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

Sometimes some of us just neglect our lottery tickets after we buy them.  An Oregon man discovered a million dollar winner which had lain in his home for almost an entire year.

A snowstorm prodded Joemel Panisa to clean up his home.  That is when he discovered the ticket he had bought January last year and immediately kept inside an envelope in his home office. Because the ticket was set to expire in the next eight days, the excited man made his claim at the lottery office the same day.

Panisa had bought the ticket from an mini-mart in Newport, Oregon on Jan. 15, 2016!  Talk about just in time!

Maybe you should try cleaning up your own home.  Who knows what treasures you may find!


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