Man Finds Winning Ticket While Cleaning Glove Box

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This should prove to be a good reason to do some cleaning! A man from Illinois was cleaning his glove box when he chanced upon some winning tickets from the Missouri Lottery. The first few Steven Neal checked gave him $12 in winnings, but the last one came up a $50,000 winner!

The Granite City man shares that he buys tickets for 14 draws every time he passes by Missouri. It was one of the Show Me Cash tickets he had bought which gave him a hefty return on investment. The numbers were a combination of this four children’s birthdays. Because he does not check that often, he only discovered the win two months after the draw date.

Neal says he will share the winning with his wife after paying off some bills. Apparently the ticket is his favorite because he says there are only 39 numbers which makes winning easier.


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