Man Loses And Then Recovers $4 Million Ticket

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Lady luck visited Eric Lopez in April, but it seems like he turned a blind eye to her.

The Manassas man had bought an instant ticket for a game called the $4 Million Spectacular riches from the  Centro Market on Patrick Henry Drive in Falls Church back in April of this year yet. But then he forgot about it, so the ticket remained out of sight among a bunch of papers in his car.

Fast forward a few months and he recovers the unopened ticket. When he found the ticket, he immediately scratched it and discovered he had won the $4 million top prize. He says his excitement at winning such a huge amount caused him to lose sleep.

But now he has come forward to claim his prize, which he chose to receive as a single payment of $2,571,357. All he can think of now is to pay off his mortgage, perhaps go into business and save for this daughters’ education.



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