Man Plays Despite Wife’s Objections And Wins €500K

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A Dublin man will not quit playing the lottery.  Perhaps he had a premonition he would win someday.  His wife, however, did not feel the same way.  The wife was always nagging him for buying lottery she says he had no chance of winning anyway.  She felt it was a waste of good money.  Still the man took the nagging in stride and continued buying lotto tickets.

He a Euromillions entry from the Tom Stanley Newsagent in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre on the very day of the draw.  As is his custom, he had chosen his own set of lucky numbers.

Later, while waiting to fetch his child at school, the man used a phone app to check his ticket and was simply given a contact number to call.  It was when he called the lottery office number that he found out the size of his prize – €500,000!  The man broke down crying.

The winner says a big portion of the money will go towards buying a home.  Ironically his wife, who celebrates her birthday is over the weekend, gets first taste of celebrations without financial worries.


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