Man Receives $200,000 “Birthday Gift” From The Lottery

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Many people would say they’d want cash if asked what they wanted for their birthday. A young man from Raleigh got his wish and then some when he won $200,000 off an instant ticket game that only launched two months ago!

Seeing that he had some extra money, Dale Curtis decided to buy a  20X The Cash scratch-off ticket at the Campus Store on North Main Street in Boiling Springs. When he scratched the $5 ticket off, the top prize of $200,000 was revealed. He thought he was just seeing things and had to ask the clerk to verify his win.

Now he has gone to the lottery offices after which he received $139,003 net of all taxes. The 21-year old says it is quite a nice present and will use it to take a trip to Myrtle Beach with his mom.


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