Man Retrieves $50,000 Ticket Clerk Had Thrown In Trash

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Is there a person who would throw $50,000 in the trash bin? It may be unintentional but that’s what a store clerk almost did.

Kevin Hayek likes buying Powerball tickets but does not bother to check them promptly. But he thought of checking tickets from a month back while having his morning coffee at a store. The clerk found the first ticket a dud. But the second one was a winner – he just didn’t know how  much the prize is. The machine made funny noises and the clerk printed out and handed him a claim form which he put in his pocket before going to work.

As he was looking at the claim form while at work, he became aware that the ticket was missing. This prompted a dash back to the store in his truck. Apparently, the clerk had unintentionally thrown the winning ticket in the trash along with the dud. Good thing the ticket was still there.

Back at work he checked the numbers and found out he had won $50,000 for matching four numbers drawn. He now plans to use his prize to clear some debts and give his motorcycle a facelift.


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