Man Shares Lottery Winnings With Store Clerk

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People are immediately impressed when lottery winners share their winnings with other people.  Merle Phillips, a former marine and veteran of the Vietnam war, recently split winnings of $3,051.80 with Melissa Flores.  Flores just happens to be the clerk Phillips bought the winning ticket from.  At first glance, it would not seem very noteworthy because of the rather small size of the prize,but there is much more behind it.

Phillips appears to have made a lifelong career of sorts in giving back to the community.  He spent eight years assisting the Oregon Food Bank and Windy River Gleaners, Inc., in food distribution projects for the needy.  He has also worked as a hunter safety instructor for two counties and as first aid and CPR instructor for the American Red Cross.

Failing health has caused him to give up many forms of volunteer work, and splitting lottery winnings is just another way for him to give back.  What makes his generosity more incredible is that he’s been battling cancer for the last five years, and has been given just a year to live.  It appears like he is making the most of his remaining time gathering ‘riches’ that would serve him well in the afterlife.


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