Man Threw Away Winning Tickets

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This is one of the most spectacular stories of luck literally thrown away.  A man who regularly plays the same number bought 25 Quinto tickets with his usual 4-3-4-1-8 combination from the Zhou’s grocery.  The only difference is that this time the numbers 4-3-4-1-8 came up.  Each of the tickets were now worth $50,000 for a total prize of $1.25 million.

Unfortunately, the man had misread either his tickets or the results, and thinking he had not won anything threw them away.  The man was angry that he had thrown away a fortune but could do nothing even as lottery officials were looking for him (the winner) to make a claim.

The man had been making about $100 in bets a day for some time, and now that the number has come up and he has thrown away the bounty, what are the odds his numbers will come up again?  Lottery officials advise people to carefully check their tickets.


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