Man Turns In Lost $6.3 Million Ticket

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What would most people do if they find a valuable lottery ticket that has no clear owner?  The answer may vary with different people but for a man named Manuel Reija Gonzalez, there can only be one answer: turn it in so authorities can try to find the real owner.

Manuel, a lottery ticket seller, was cleaning a lost property box when he found an old ticket which turned out to be a $6.3 million winner.  Manuel did not think twice about trying to find the real owner, saying that he would be unable to sleep if he took it for himself .

There may be a happy ending for honest Manuel, because if the ticket owner cannot be found within the specified time, he gets to keep the prize money.

Two things to bear in mind after reading this story: a)  there are still honest people out there, and b)  always check your lottery tickets very well – you don’t want to discard a winner!


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