Man Waits A Month Before Claiming $70M Win

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Eurico Chin was in a Safeway when he suddenly had the urge to buy a lottery ticket.  He gave in to his urge and bought a SuperLotto Plus ticket.  Little did he know that his decision would change his life in such a big way.

A day after the May 24 draw, he learned that the jackpot had been won by a ticket sold in the same street that he bought his entry from.  It turned out that he was the one who won the $70 million draw.  But then Chin did not immediately come forward to claim his prize.  He waited a full month to have the time to plan what he wants to do with his wealth.

He has not yet decided whether to take a $41 million jackpot or to collect the full amount of $70 million over a period of 30 years.  Chin stated he will likely retire now at only 41 years old, buy a car and a house.  He plans to invest most of his winnings.  The Safeway store that sold him the winning ticket has earned a $350,000 bonus.


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