Man Wins $2 Million Just Before Thanksgiving

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A man who says Thanksgiving season has always been lucky for him has more reasons to be thankful this year.

Carnell Marlowe of Sunset Beach had bought a Powerball ticket on Thanksgiving has just won a second tier prize bigger than many other games’ top prizes.  He bought the winning ticket at the Minuteman Food Mart on Beach Drive South West in Calabash, and opted to pay an extra dollar for the Power Play option.  When the draw date came, 5 of the numbers on his ticket matched.  His million dollar win was  multiplied by 2 due to the extra dollar he paid for Power Play.

When he realized he had a winner, he chose to keep the winning ticket in his wallet figuring that no one would ever think he was carrying $2 million in his person. But just to be safe, he did not leave home that day.

Though he has won in the days before Thanksgiving in previous years, he has never won one this big.  Marlowe wisely opted to prioritize paying off bills; whatever remains he says he will invest towards funding his retirement.


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