Man Wins $3M Jackpot The Day After Lotto Game Launched

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Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be a regular guy one moment and a millionaire three times over the next? Ask Steven W. of Fort Collins, Co.

The lucky man stepped into Schrader’s Country Store on College Avenue at Harmony Road and bought one “Bankroll Blast” ticket for fifty dollars. It was the first ticket in the pack, and the game had been only launched the day before. You’d think nothing earthshaking is going to happen but, in reality, you can really win big even in the early stages of an scratch-off lottery game.

By the time he left the store he had a ticket that won one of the top $3 million prizes, and he had a very hard time believing his good fortune. Still he headed to the lottery headquarters where his win was confirmed. He later received the prize as $2,130,000 net of taxes.

Now the lucky man is looking forward to retiring from his job at a bottle manufacturing company sooner than he expected.

Two other top prizes of $3 million remain in play.

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