Man Wins $400 Million On Second Try

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Proving that winning is really just a matter of luck, a man from South Carolina bagged a $400 million Powerball jackpot in just the second time he had ever played the game.

The huge jackpot must really be meant for the man, who has requested anonymity, because he did not go into the store he bought if from to buy tickets – he was looking to buy hotdogs for his wife.  He was attracted to the big jackpot while at the store, and decided to buy $20 worth, one of which won the big prize.

Considering that the man beat 1 in 175 million odds to win the jackpot in just his second try, when he never meant to buy tickets in the first place, this man must indeed be blessed.  Here’s hoping he uses his money wisely and shares his blessings with unfortunate people in his community.


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