Man Wins $500,000 Michigan Lottery Scratch Ticket Prize

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A 68-year old man from Sanilac has struck lottery gold after playing the Lucky 7’s Tripler game of the Michigan Lottery.

When Joe Mendoza bought the scratch ticket from a Speedway gas station in Crowell, he had no idea his finances was about to get a big boost. But when he scratched the ticket and saw the $500,000, he was stunned. He checked the ticket numerous times and even had his wife do a double check just to be sure. But even after checking, his wife asked him to take it to the store he bought if from for verification. Interestingly, Mendoza had to ask a daughter-in-law to call the lottery for him as he was nervous with excitement.

On Wednesday he went to the lottery headquarters to claim the prize. Even after that the enormity of his win has not yet sunk in. But he says he wants a big TV, and most likely save a big chunk of the prize for now.


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