Man’s Lottery Win A Dream Come True – Literally

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Winning a sizable sum in the lottery was a dream come true for a Davenport man – as in literally.

Kevin Wynn had been encountering of the number 2-1-1-2. In the dream it was a hotel door number, it was the plate number of the vehicle in front of him, in a client’s address, and in the total of the items he purchased at a store. Still his wife had to convince him to use the combination in a lottery ticket, and he only decided to play when he realized there was overtime pay on his check.

But when he decided to play, he played for the big money. He bought ten ticket with the same number combination for Tuesday’s draw of the Pick 4 game of the Iowa Lottery. As luck would have it, his number combination came up in the draw in the exact same order. Each of his tickets won a prize of $30,000 for a total of $300,000.

The landscaping company worker discovered the big win upon checking the results online the day after the draw. He says most of the money will be towards helping his three children obtain college education, but he’ll buy a set of golf clubs for himself.


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