McDonalds Lottery Pool Cries Fraud

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A pool of workers from McDonalds in Baltimore have cried foul – despite being told by lottery officials that everything is in order and they have NOT won the $100 Million they claim on Mega Millions.

In a very bizarre twist to the tale, Mirlande Wilson a fellow worker who was a member of the group, hit the headlines briefly claiming she held one of the 3 tickets that shared the biggest Mega Millions jackpot ever of $656 Million. The other two winners had already come forward in Kansas and Illinois.

But then Mirlande claimed to have lost the ticket, mere days before a group calling themselves ‘The Three Amigos’ came forward with the 3rd winning ticket.

The McDonalds workers have now gone so far as to file a suit against Mirlande, claiming foul play. They say ‘The Three Amigos’ have been recruited by Mirlande for a million dollar payoff each to make the claim and shut out the rest of the McDonalds pool.

A spokesperson for the lottery however shrugged off the legal case with a laugh and said the claim has been properly verified. And given the large prize the checks had been even more extensive than usual.

The court case however continues, and it remains to be seen who is telling the truth.

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