Md. Family To Share Win With Toys For Tots Drive

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Family Will Donate To Toys For Tots

A Glen Burnie man stopped at a local BP Food Mart to fill up with gas before going home.  While the tank was filling, the 32-year old hotel outlets manager took the time to purchase 10x Cash scratch-offs.

The lucky man scratched off the tickets and one had a 10 out of 10 matching numbers.  He was excited but waited till he got back home before scratching the ticket again to reveal the prize amount.  Very good news – he had won the $10,000 top prize!

The family who calls themselves “The Lucky Laughters” headed to the lotto office to claim their prize and for their pictures to be taken.  Their prize is the 40th top prize in the game, which leaves 78 more top prizes for punters to win.

He says his luck comes from his father who often wins lotto prizes which is promptly shared with family.  He wants to carry on the tradition of giving by donating a portion to the Toys For Tots drive.  He says the rest will be used to fund a family cruise somewhere warm.


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