Missed Mega Millions Megabucks But Made Millionaire Anyway

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The Mega Millions megabucks jackpot rolls on, but not everyone missed out on the big bucks.

A new millionaire has just been made in Groves, Texas.

The as yet unnamed man bought his tickets at the B & B Mini Mart, Groves.

Muhammad Bashir, the store owner, knows who the winners is but has been asked to keep it secret for now. He apparently comes in regularly to buy 10 tickets for Mega Millions, with the ‘Megaplier’ option – for a total of $20.

He said he casually polled his regular customers asking who had won because the only notification the store received was that a winning ticket had been sold there.

Finally one of his regular customers told him he had won and asked that Bashir not identify him. He had spoken to the man a couple times over the weekend and that the man was very happy.


Buying the Megaplier option proved a shrewd move for this player. He would have received $250,000 for his 5 ball win anyway, but the Megaplier option boosted that up to a much more exciting $1 Million.

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