Merrill Woman Bags $1 Million Instant Ticket Bounty

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A local woman just had a visit from lady luck when she bought a Super Millions scratch ticket  at the Kwik Trip at 2311 E. Main St. in Merrill.  She had won one of three million dollar jackpots, the second such jackpot won.  Marilyn Katke later formally laid claim to the prize which is expected to net her $673,000 after taxes are withheld.

Though Katke would not comment on the particulars of her win, there were exciting stories to be heard from staff at Kwik Trip.  Katke had apparently scratched the ticket right at the store, and then come back to have the ticket validated.  When the machine said it had to be validated at the lottery office, they knew she was a big winner.

The store will receive a seller’s bonus of $20,000 for selling the winning instant ticket.


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