Million Dollar Valentines Gift

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Carol Leonard probably forgives her husband for being an unimaginative present buyer.

Carol, 64, bought a $5 “Millionaire Madness” scratch card using money she received inside her Valentines Day card from husband Bruce.

On scratching the card she discovered she had won the top prize of $1 Million.

And what is she going to do with her big win?

I’m finally going to get a set of pots that all match.

As she loves dogs, and has 2 of her own, she also plans to increase her donations to animal welfare charities. She will also continue volunteering at the ambulance corps as she loves being a part of a group that helps other people.

The grandmother from Tappan received her prize today in a presentation at the Tappan Mini Mart, 366 Western Highway, where she bought her winning ticket. The check was presented by Yolanda Vega from the New York Lottery.

That’s still no excuse for not buying a bunch of flowers though Bruce.

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