Millions Lie Unclaimed From The Wisconsin Lottery

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There’s a lot of us ordinary folks who continue to hope for that big lottery win after years of trying our luck.  So it seems very odd, to say the least, that people have apparently been throwing away their lottery winnings in a big way.  This is especially true in Wisconsin where lottery players have foregone claims on a total of $55 million in lottery winnings since the lottery started operations in 1997.

Some of the unclaimed winnings were for small prizes that people may not have felt was worth the effort to claim.  However, some unclaimed prizes were substantial, including one for $3.44 million in the last fiscal year which ended in June 30.  Speculations are that some of the tickets had been thrown in the trash, or forgotten and eventually lost.  Whatever the reason these prizes went unclaimed, it seems such a waste to beat very long odds just to forfeit the winnings.


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