Mo. Man Believes $10 million Lottery Win Was A Blessing

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A man from Imperial, Mo. bought a lottery scratchcard and promptly won a staggering $10 million! Asked later how he felt, the man says he believes it was through Divine Intervention that he won.

David Piper went to the Schnucks in Arnold to buy a ticket. But then the machine he wanted to buy it from was not working. When he looked at the next machine, it was sold out. So Piper was forced (or led) to buy the scratch off ticket from the third machine. That ticket gave him a huge $10 million win. He was so surprised he had to check several times before realizing that he had indeed won big.

He immediately called his wife and then headed back to the Schnucks to have the ticket verified. He and his wife have since quit their jobs. They are planning to buy a new home and a new Jeep to replace his 20-year old car.


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