Modesto man says he won $1.4M in latest Powerball drawing – KCRA Sacramento

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A retired glass worker from Modesto has hit the big time.  Elfred Meitzenheimer, who’s known as ‘ Uncle Boo’, just won a prize of $1.4 million from the Powerball lottery.   His win is another case that involves persistence – he had been playing the same number combination for years.

Now that he’s a millionaire, Elfred wants to purchase a new Audi and he wants to pay for it in cash.  But that is the only thing he wants to change.  He wants to keep his lifestyle the same, and even went to a 99 cent store after he had won.  The clerk who recognized him was puzzled, but he explained that he could buy more at the thrift store.

Elfred still finds it hard to believe he is now a millionaire.  All of this may finally sink in after the money is safely deposited in his account.


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