Mother-In-Law Helps Man Collect $257,000 Win

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Such is the state of most relationships between a man and his mother in law that hundreds of jokes have been made on the subject.  But Tommy Belcher of Charlotte now has his mother in law to thank for a $257,000 lottery prize he would otherwise have missed out on.

Tommy is one of those people who place their bets and then just stack up their tickets, in his case in the visor of his truck.  People like him probably do not seriously think they will bag a significant jackpot, but place their bets anyway.

He only had his bunch of tickets checked after his mother in law informed him about an unclaimed jackpot.  One of  the tickets he had kept on his truck happened to have the winning combination.

Mother in law wants an new refrigerator as a reward, and Tommy is more than willing to grant her wish.


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