Mum Buys New Home From Lottery Winnings

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Mum Buys New Home From Lottery Winnings

Earlier this year, a woman friends described as someone who could use a break got one from the lottery. Back in February Bev Doran won a huge  £14.5 million lottery jackpot and promptly stated that it will not change her.

A few months on, very little has changed with the lucky winner. She has moved from the council house she used to live in onto a bigger home nearby which she purchased for  £600,000. She also has a Range Rover in her  garage now. But other than that she has remained true to her word and has not changed much.

She still goes shopping at a nearby grocery store and lugs the bags home herself. Her children have remained in the same school so they can be with their old friends. And she is still generous. She has treated relatives and have asked her mum to retire from her job.

She says what she enjoys most is being debt free and being able to provide a secure future for her three children.


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