Mushroom Purchase Lead Man To Lottery Win

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It may be hard to believe but some mushrooms are partly responsible for leaving a New York man euphoric – in a really good way!

John Lewis went to the market for the sole purpose of buying some mushrooms he needed to complete the ingredients for his spaghetti sauce. But when the clerk handed him $10 in change, he gave in to an urge to buy a Set for Life instant ticket from a vending machine. That was very unusual because he does not normally buy lottery tickets from those machines.

Still when he scratched the ticket, he was glad he bought it. That one ticket turned out to be a $5 million winner. He immediately had the ticket verified and then quit his job as a bartender.

After such a big win, his plans for the windfall are modest. He wants to help a relative settle medical bills, go skiing, and perhaps buy some properties. And  he chose to receive the prize in annuities of $172,068 as long as he lives, with a guaranteed minimum total payout of $5 million. That’s not a bad return on investment for $10 in change!



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