Mystery Sterling Resident Bags Powerball Jackpot

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In Sterling Massachusetts, a huge lottery win has turned the town of only 7,800 people upside down, and people don’t even know who really won.

What set things in motion was an announcement that Appletown Market on Main Street sold one of the two winning tickets which won a $122.9 million Powerball jackpot, in Wednesday’s draw.  And that is a big deal in a small town, that it had tongues wagging trying to speculate who among them had suddenly come into fabulous wealth.

Social media and a prankster’s antics raised the level of ruckus when a 24-year-old guy named Mike Naze announced on facebook that he was the winner, as a prank.  People took him seriously and even sent congratulations on his facebook account, so he fears his prank has bitten him in the behind.

The only sure winners in this are Chirag and Sanket Patel, the brothers who co-own the store which sold the ticket.  Their Christmas will be enlivened by a $50,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.


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