Nancy Hubble Wins $1M Jackpot

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Nancy Hubble, a businesswoman from Norwich won $1 million prize in the state’s Holiday Millionaire Raffle. She and longtime partner Todd Lintel had eight tickets between them, three of which were Nancy’s.  She never thought to tell anyone she had tickets for the raffle as she did not really expect to win.  She even says that between them, partner Todd has more luck.  Not anymore!

She decided to check her tickets just after midnight on the new year, the same time nine years ago when her 19-year old daughter Kacy died in a tragic car accident twelve years ago.  She believes her departed daughter had something to do with it.  In fact when she informed her son, she was told he had been thinking of Kacy just before she called.

If that is not enough ‘coincidence’, she bought the winning ticket from Casey’s (sounds a lot like Kacy) General Store 2308, located at 442 East D Avenue in Kingman. The store gets a $1,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.


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