NB Family Wins Lotto Jackpot Twice In 5 Months

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Evangeline Richard of New Brunswick won $1 million from the lottery after regularly purchasing tickets every Wednesday and Saturday for the past thirty years.  But what is more remarkable about her win is that it came merely five months after two of her children won a $1 million.

Her children Denise  and her brother Richard won their jackpot from the 6/49 lotto draw on Nov. 27, 2013 and collected it in December.

Because of her advanced age, Ms. Richard says she will prioritize her children’s needs.  Her daughter Denise is thinking of taking her to a casino, because that is something she loves.

They say lightning is not supposed to strike the same place twice, but in this case it appears to have done just that.  The family plans to keep playing the lottery, so maybe we’ll get to see if good things really do come in three’s.

Read more in http://atlantic.ctvnews.ca/lucky-n-b-family-claims-two-1m-lottery-wins-in-five-months-1.1796532

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