New Zealand Man Wins $14.3M Powerball Jackpot

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One thing people need to remember about zeroes, they mean no value unless they come after a real number.  But when they do come after a real number, you have to count them carefully, as a New Zealand man found out first hand.

The lucky man, who has requested to remain anonymous, was very happy when a store clerk told him he had won $14,000; after all the biggest he had won before never exceeded $30.  But as he was phoning his girlfriend to share the good news, the clerk came back to tell him that he had not won $14,000 after all.  That took all the wind from his sails, until the clerk explained he had actually won $14 million.

One of his next phone calls was to his boss to say he quit.  And now he plans to buy a house set on spacious land, and perhaps buy homes for his children as well.

He bought the winning Powerball ticket at Ashburton Countdown Lotto.  His win is the nineteenth largest prize ever won in New Zealand.


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