Nine Hospice Workers Share $1 Million Powerball Jackpot

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A betting syndicate composed of workers at the Eger Lutheran Homes and Services have just won a million dollars.  The workers, whose jobs involve taking care of sick elderly people had pooled their money to buy Powerball tickets, one of which gave a million dollar return on investment.

Stephany Marchese, one of the group of nine winners, had always believed that someday they would win the lottery.  Interestingly, she made that assertion a week before their lucky ticket gave them the jackpot.  It was Lucille White, 59, of Great Kills who was first to learn of their win and went on to inform the eight others.

Each member of the betting group will take home $69,226, making for a happy Christmas, and at least one of them plans to have a family vacation somewhere warm.  White though, has other plans – she wants to try her luck at snagging the huge $344 million Mega Millions jackpot.


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