NJ Man Finds $24.1M Ticket Files Claim Just In Time

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A New Jersey man almost missed out on a huge lottery win just because he can’t be bothered to check his tickets promptly.

Jimmie Smith, of East Orange, has been buying tickets ever since the 1960’s. However, he admits that he only checks his tickets when he has the time. He must have been a very busy man because some of his tickets haven’t been checked in almost a year.

That changed when he heard of a missing winner whose time to redeem a big jackpot is about to expire. This caused him to check an old shirt whose pockets contained lots of unchecked tickets. Then came his second stroke of luck. The first was buying a ticket which had won a $24.1 million jackpot. The second was finding out about it and making his claim just 2 days before the ticket would have expired!

He was announced as the winner only after the lottery had done a number of checks to verify his claim. The retired security guard wisely chose to receive the full amount over a period of 26 years instead of a lesser single payment option.

Read more in http://www.nj.com/lottery/index.ssf/2017/10/nj_man_beats_deadline_claims_241m_prize.html

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