NY Airline Employee Bags A $5 Million Lotto Prize

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Patrick Clarke of Queens, who works as a ramp agent for Delta Air Lines, is a very lucky fellow. At only 28 years young, he is already financially well off. In fact he could have been “set for life” if he had chosen to.

His mother gave him a bit of money last month. Thinking he wanted something substantial with it, he bought the same kind of lottery tickets his mother did, Set For Life. He visited the Friendly Deli & Grocery on Saratoga Avenue in Brooklyn to buy the tickets on his 28th birthday last Dec. 20.

What came after is discovering he has won the top prize. He actually scratched the ticket at his girlfriend’s house where he first saw a match on number 16 and the printed word “Life.” The top prize is equivalent to a minimum of $5 million lump sum before taxes. After the taxman takes a bite he will still take home a hefty sum of $2,453,693.

The winner says that he’s glad to be rid of financial worries. He has not said anything about retiring but advises other lottery players to play without expecting to win because it will happen when they least expect it to.


Read more in http://www.newsday.com/news/new-york/new-york-lottery-player-hits-5m-winner-on-28th-birthday-1.13013667

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