NY Chef Wins $7 Million Off An Instant Ticket

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rsz_reyesNot all lottery winners immediately leave their work to live a life of leisure.  Some like chef Eduardo Reyes prefer to keep working, but at least the decision is not made because of financial needs

Actually, Reyes’ ticket won he could not take time off from his job to get it verified so he had his brother do it.  It took him a full week later to march into the lottery office with the $7 million winning Golden Ticket.  And though the winner wants to buy a new house with his newfound wealth, he has no plans to stop working.  His win came to $4,362,280 net of all taxes.

Read more in https://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20160420/castleton-corners/7m-lotto-winner-couldnt-take-day-off-work-cash-ticket

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