NY Lottery – Powerball “Invasion” | Commercial spot [video]

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How would you react to seeing a horde of aliens coming after you in the middle of a New York street?  One guy discovered how it felt, first hand.

Two people are belittling a million dollar jackpot on a street in New York when they see a horde of aliens, one of whom immediately zaps one of them.  The other turns to run in the opposite direction only to see  another group of aliens bent on destruction.  Trapped and with a closed door behind him, he is stunned when a man emerged from the group of  aliens to take his picture, then promptly dismiss the ‘aliens’, who were really ordinary people in alien costumes.  Then the Powerball ad comes on saying “Yeah, that kind of rich”, revealing the episode as one very expensive prank – possibly from someone who has won in the Powerball.

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