NY Million Dollar Lottery Winner Can’t Believe His Luck

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Colton Harrison’s annoyance at not winning anything off previous lottery tickets caused him to buy one more – which gave him the win he had been hoping for.

It was a “Jumbo Bucks” instant ticket which proved lucky for Harrison. The two number match was for a cool $1 million. He couldn’t believe it, which is rather funny. Many people who don’t buy lottery tickets fall for scam mails saying they are winners, and here we have a man who bought a ticket and can’t believe he won? But to be fair, his wife and his dad found it hard to believe too.

He immediately went home and relayed the good news to his wife on the way. He later chose to receive the prize as a single payment of $529,440 net of taxes. He now looks forward to buying a dirt bike, clearing debts and saving the rest.

He’s still heady after his big lottery win which he describes as a life-changing sum. He says he’ll keep playing the lottery – that is the one aspect of his life that will not change.


Read more in http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2017/11/1_million_lottery_ticket_winner_i_was_freaking_out_didnt_seem_real.html

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