NYC Government Workers Can’t Join Pools With Bosses

October 18th, 2017   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

People working for the government of the city of New York have just been advised that they can no longer join an office lottery pool if the participants include bosses and subordinates. As you can guess, affected city employees are not to happy about it.

The ruling was issued by the city’s Conflicts of Interest Board. They based their decision on a part of the city charter which prohibits financial relationships between a boss and a subordinate. The goal is to protect the subordinates from possible coercion or favoritism, but workers are saying the interpretation of the ruling is over the top.

Now government workers in the city cannot form lottery pools without having to check whether there is a boss or a subordinate in them. Opponents use the term “killjoy” to describe the decision they say takes prevention conflict of interest too far.


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