NZ $19 Million Lottery Winner Chased Off Worksite

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A man who shared a NZ$38 million first division lottery win unexpectedly turned up for work the next day. His mates chased him off.

When the man handed over his ticket to the clerk at a store, the words “Congratulations, you are a first division winner” appeared on the screen. Not having won a jackpot before, the man had to ask the clerk what that meant. But the expression on the store clerk’s face when she saw the screen gave it away.

The man had to stop for an ocean swim to clear his head and then went home to tell his partner. She was stunned and had a hard time believing they had won such a large sum.

The man is very cautious and says he does not want to make any major decisions just yet. He needs to think things over first. But one thing is sure; he will not be going back to work building a motorway. He does not need to now.


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