Ontario Family Wins $50 Million Jackpot

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66-year-old Lynda Powell, has played the lottery regularly for 25 years, but in the past few years the family bought tickets together.  Luck finally smiled on them big time during the July 5 Lotto Max jackpot draw; their ticket won $50 million.

It was Lynda who first discovered the win, when she checked the ticket through a self check machine.  Just to be sure, she asked her husband to double check at a store.  And after that news spread, and wild screams erupted.   Most of the other family members were not easily convinced the win was real, as they claim they are a family of jokers.

Now they are planning to split the money, visit Wales where Lynda’s husband came from, and visit other relatives in North America.  Big win for a big and happy family; nobody deserves it more.

Read more in http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/07/08/lottery-winners-ontario-family_n_3562930.html

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