Oyster Farmer Lands $10 Million Lottery Prize

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An oyster farmer landed a huge $10 million catch from the Massachusetts State Lottery’s $10,000,000 Mega Fortune game.  William Young Jr. bought the winning ticket while on a trip to the gas station.  He immediately scratched it and had a hard time believing he had really won the top prize.

Young wants to receive the prize in a single payment of $6.5 million before taxes.  He plans to set aside some money for his children and invest a portion.  He still wants to continue working.

The store earned a $50,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.  People have been flocking to the store for tickets since the win.

Read more in http://www.foodworldnews.com/articles/62310/20151210/oyster-farmer-no-more-after-10-million-lottery-win.htm

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