Patient Lottery Syndicate Members Win $50,000

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Patience pays off, even in lottery play. This is what a group of six 50-something co-workers learned first hand.

Workers at the NTN Driveshaft in Columbus have played the lottery as a syndicate since December 2016 when there was a record Powerball jackpot. Some members of the syndicate eventually left leaving just six. Imagine how those who had chosen to leave felt when the syndicate finally made some serious money!

Six smiling members of what is now known as the “Over Fifty” syndicate later posed for cameras as they received a check for $50,000 they won off a Powerball lottery entry. It was just one member at first who checked the  results. When he confirmed they had won, he started calling the others.

Now some look forward to a merrier Christmas while some are content to add to their bank account balance. And the name over fifty was apparently chosen to signify their age, and their wish that next time they’ll bag a jackpot over 50K.



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