Patient Sheboygan Man Finally Wins

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Sheboygan resident Dave Resnick has been faithfully buying lottery tickets every day for the last 26 years in the hope of landing the big one.  Despite not winning anything substantial for many years, he continued believing the day will come when lady luck will visit him.  And after such a long time, luck came by way of a Wisconsin Lottery Powerball ticket that paid a $1 million prize.

Resnick was nervous as he received his prize, which he received as a single payment of $673,500 net of taxes.  He now wants to save most of the money, help a daughter through college, and take a trip to the Black Hills.

The Q Mart which sold the winning ticket earned a $20,000 bonus; it is the second time in a month the store has sold a million dollar winner.  As for Resnick, he still plans to continue playing the lottery.  Well if a store can sell winning tickets twice, surely people can win more than once!


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