Patrick Maki Hits $250,000 Jackpot

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Patrick Maki of Lindenhurst always believed that he would win the lottery and told his family as much.  That remained in his mind as he bought a quick pick Hit or Miss ticket for the Feb. 18 drawing.  This time though, his prediction came true and his ticket is not a miss this time – it matched all 12 numbers drawn.

He checked the numbers in the website the same night of the draw and his heart raced when he realized he had won big money.  His immediately woke his family to tell them the good news.  They found it hard to believe that he had actually won.  His win is worth $250,000.

Patrick had recently finished college and has a lot of student loans to pay off.  With his win, he wants to settle all of those loans in one go.  Sam’s Mobil in Lindenhurst received a bonus of $2,500 for selling the winning ticket.


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