Pattaya Monks’ Faith Tested By 44 Million Baht Win

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Buddhist monks in Thailand have come under fire lately after some of them had been photographed and videoed wearing expensive sunglasses, having luxury bags and electronic gadgets; there are claims some of them fly on private jets as well.  In the internet age such behavior are often shared till they earn widespread condemnation.

Now Khajornwat Chanuthattmumophikhu, 23,a novice monk, wh0 had just joined the temple to repay his mothers kindness has won 6 million Baht.  The lucky monk has only been in the monastery two weeks when he won the huge jackpot that, by tradition, he is not allowed to touch.

Not willing to let such good fortune go to waste, Khajornwat has obtained permission from his abbot to deposit the winnings in a bank.  He has also promised not to spend the money till after he is defrocked.  Two weeks on the job and already thinking of retirement!

The other winner, an 81-year-old priest of Thamsamakkee Temple, has fled after winning a considerably more hefty sum of $38 million Baht.

There may be truth to the saying that money is the root of all evil if its influence is enough to get religious leaders to seek release from their vow of poverty.


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