People Play The Lottery; Tiger Wins

January 15th, 2015   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

When a group of six workers from Dublin won €500000 in last Tuesday’s draw of the Euromillions Plus, it is not surprising for their family and friends would be happy for them.  But with their win, a tiger somewhere in the wild would also be rejoicing.

The syndicate of six, who have chosen to remain anonymous, purchased the €36 Multi Draw ticket online.  It was also online where the syndicate organizer came to discover they had won big.  Not really believing the result, he logged out and in again to double-check but the result was the same.  The group is the first winner of a Play Now top prize this year.

Some of the members of the team are wildlife enthusiasts who plan to use part of their winnings to adopt a tiger.  You can consider the lucky tiger a lottery winner.


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