Pharmacy Workers Share $500,000

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Twenty-two employees of the Grand Avenue Pharmacy in Cochrane have won an extra $22,700 each this Christmas season, thanks to their purchase of lottery tickets on a whim.

The employees of the pharmacy had a Wednesday potluck, then someone commented that the lottery jackpot had reached $100 million and they should probably go get some tickets.  Twenty two of the employees made perhaps the best financial decision of the year by agreeing to a lottery pool.

When Reid Kimmett started checking their tickets, the first one did not win anything, so he was not expecting much.  When the second one read $500,000 he was reluctant to believe it and did a second check.  As soon as reality of their win sunk in, Reid started calling his colleagues with the good news.

Some of the winners have set aside portions of their winnings to support the Kimmett Cup, a hockey fund raiser named in honor of Reid’s sister Lindsay, a hockey enthusiast who died in a car accident in 2008.


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